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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Items for Sale

It's time to clear my garage of some odds and ends furniture items that made the move to NWX. Interested? E-mail: scames@aol.com and I'll send photos.

1. Oak Library Work Table and Matching Chair. The real deal -- probably 1940s-50s vintage. Just like what you used to find in your old school library -- but cleaned up for modern times. Solid oak, very simple design, 30" x 60" top with two pencil drawers, and simple detachable legs for easy moving. This table was completely restored but needs a bit of light sanding and touch up. Currently a light oak finish, but could be "honeyed" for a classic look. Matching library work chair. Would look nice in an artist's loft, architects studio or home office. $250.00.

2. Matching Deco Side Chairs. Unfinished project ready for a creative DIY'er. Probably 1920s-'30s vintage. One chair has been stripped and is ready to finish and re-upholster. The other is in its original condition, in part to show how to re-do the upholstery. Not fine furniture but sturdy and would look sharp in a lacquer finish with new upholstery. $100.00.

3. Bedroom to Go: Queen-sized Platform Bed, Wood Box End Tables and Brick/Board Book Shelves. Bed: As simple as it gets but a hand-built, solid wood frame that takes a queen-sized futon or deep mattress. Sits on four 8" concrete blocks (not provided) to make the perfect, low-height bed. Redwood support planks and fir cross slats. Tables: Painted wood boxes -- that's it. Book Shelves: Sanded, but unfinished maple veneer shelving with painted concrete blocks. A simple starter bedroom for a student, zen mountain biker or starving artist on the cheap. $50.00.

A rare find.

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